All About Lefts On The Second Leg of PSCT

The 9th Guiuan Odyssey Waves surfing competition, the second leg of the 2019 Philippine Surfing Championship Tour, will be in Calicoan Island in Guiuan, Province of Eastern Samar, from the 15th to the 21st of October.

Picture by Myoho Surf Calicoan Island

Guiuan is well-known as it played a significant part in the Philippine history. It is believed that it was the first land where Ferdinand Magellan and his men set foot in the Philippines, in the island of Homonhon, part of Guiuan, in March 16th, 1521. This event is known as the “discovery of the Philippines.”

It also played a role during the Second World War. Guiuan served as a base for the Alliance. Around 100,000 Americans were stationed in a military base which they built and named “Samar AirField”. It became the biggest naval base in the Pacific Ocean at that time.

Known as well as the surfing capital of the Visayas, Calicoan is a very exposed reef break and works best in offshore winds from the west. The waves are consistent and are suitable to both professional advance surfers and beginners.

For a long time, our goofy riders have been asking the judges and the PSCT members to add in the tour a left-hand wave. Well, their prayers have become true and we will finally travel to Samar for the first-ever left-handed contest venue of the National Tour. Massive thanks to Mayor Annaliza Kwan for making this possible.

Indeed, this coming leg could really change the rankings we have witnessed for the past three years. Few of the defending top surfers are regular-footed such as John Mark Tokong, Editor Jr “Piso” Alcala and Eduardo Alciso. While some of the surfers who might feel more comfortable with this wave are: Jay-r Esquivel, Philmar Alipayo, PJ Alipayo and Remar Magaluna, all goofies.

“I am very excited about the news of having a left-hand wave in the tour, specially because it is in Samar. I went there in 2012 when I was a junior and finished first place”, explained a confident PJ Alipayo.

Jay-r Esquivel, who will compete in both Shortbaord and Longboard categories, claimed that he is excited for this leg. Specially to surf with the longboard, as it will be a good practice for the coming SEA Games this November, where the La Union surfer will be representing the Philippines along with his team members.

Even though Editor Jr “Piso” Alcala, the recent champion of the 21st National Siargao Surfing Cup is regular, he is also very talented on his left side. Last month, he competed in Japan at the ISA World Surfing Games, where he scored a 9.17 with a left hand trick, making it the third highest single wave score of the entire competition.

Philmar Alipayo, known as the king of the aerials explains: “I am also very excited to surf in Samar as I am much more comfortable with left waves”.

In this leg, we will host five different Grade 1 categories: Men’s Open Shortboard, Women’s Open Shortboard, Men’s Longboard, Women’s Longboard and Juniors Shortboard.

The total cash prize for this leg will be PHP 281,500: for Men’s Open Shortboard a total cash prize of PHP 82,000; for Women’s Open Shortboard, PHP 63,000; For Men’s Longboard, PHP 63,000; for Women’s Longboard, PHP 43,000 and for Juniors Division, PHP 30,500. The total cash prize of each category is divided differently between the first eight runners up.

The level of our surfers just gets higher and higher and as we have seen through these years on tour, anything can happen during a 20 minute heat.

Who will be the kings and queens of lefts?

The 9th Guiuan Odyssey Waves Competition is hosted by the Municipal Government of Guiuan and supported by the Department of Tourism. PSCT also thanks its sponsors: Gwapitos Apparel, Kudo Surf, Cebu Pacific Airlines, Fat Lips Surf Shop, S&A, CNN Philippines, Inquirer Pop,, Metro Channel, Fluidsurf, MLOB, Pagcor, Vans Philippines, Maui and Sons, Be Siargao Magazine, DWIZ and Balay Pacifico.

About PSCT

The Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT) is the premier professional surfing competition where top surfers from all over the Philippines compete in multiple locations around the country, vying for a spot in the national surfing team.

Already on its third year, the PSCT celebrates the Filipino surfers, passionate fans, and dedicated partners that together grow the Philippine surfing community to what it is today and what it was envisioned to be.

PSCT exists to set the stage and act as a platform for professional surfing in the Philippines. Promoting Filipino surfers as world-class athletes and uniting the surfing community and fans by sharing the story and adventure of Philippine surfing one tour at a time.

Article written by Olga Garcia

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